Eco-Lodge is an ecological demonstration building showing local craftsmanship and local materials. The design for the buildings of the Learning Center is based on Permaculture. The site planning incorporates climate, local ecology, the protection of species, promotion of medicinal plants, and securing a natural spring for quality drinking water supply.

The main objective of this project is to design catalytic spaces for connecting indigenous knowledge with the development of appropriate technology for research, as well as with our programs of youth exchange, training of trainers and volunteering, while providing the necessary facilities for the development of the activities, programs and projects held by the association, as well as administration and accommodation.
In addition, we also aim to:
  • To use the construction of the Eco-Lodge and Permaculture Learning Center to introduce and establish our Eco-Build (natural building) workshops;
  • To showcase an eco-friendly building alternative that aligns with the values of the Association, while exploring and using the local natural resources;
  • To expand the number of Eco-Lodges in order to maximize the number of activities held simultaneously and to better respond to the community needs.
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