Ndanifor Consultancy gives us a chance to cultivate a new direction together in which we feel worthy and deserve the chance to a new life path and new opportunities.

This is an opportunity to apply indigenous local knowledge in community forums to provide alternative ideas, support local entrepreneurs, create sustainable food systems while both mitigating and transforming the community’s impact on climate.

It is also the driver force in advancing advocacy and policy making negotiations, which will empower African Way’s vision and action going forward. Ndanifor Consultancy is currently advocating for partnerships for African Way in the CoFSA/UNDP (Conscious Food Systems Alliance) and UN Catalyst Groups, as well as in other Permaculture and/or Ecovillage Alliances (ex: Defend the Sacred Alliance).

It’s development and future action will allow the Association to learn from diverse perspectives of promoting community-led social innovation models and prototyping for the challenges at hand.

Everything we do has consequences and with knowledge, support and the will to create a positive outcome, we can make a difference!

The world crisis is a call for humanity to come together and collaborate on the creation of collective consciousness and critical analysis that can give positive responses to what young change makers need to know in regards to their hopes and dreams of removing political mistrust and prejudice. 

Those things we trusted and believed and thought we understood about who we are and what we deserve are changing. The things we presumed about circumstances of the world and trust world leadership is for the best, we now realize that we have been mistaken and it requires a huge leap of faith in ourselves and courage to make a change.

But even painful realizations can have positive outcomes, COVID19 has opened our eyes to the truth. Ndanifor Consultancy gives us a chance to cultivate a new direction together in which we feel worthy and deserve the chance to a new life path and new opportunities!


  • To develop a sound model of economic equity through collaborative action in Global South-North cultural diplomacy, through advocacy and policy advancement for liaison.
  • To weave and network with projects and stakeholders with similar areas of intervention, challenges and needs;
  • To design a youth-led project together with other members of a Permaculture and/or Ecovillage Alliance where African Way can be inserted, in order to cocreate educational tools to inspire the transition of local communities towards a bigger environmental resilience, and to share and develop best practices.
  • Provide consulting services on sustainable agriculture and environmental protection using a local permaculture approach.


  • A triple value proposal: we meet human needs, social change and ecological regeneration;
  • Dynamic and unique learning experiences, training and consulting to take the impact of your organization or network to the next level;
  • Valuable spaces for your collective effort to shift consciousness and learn how to best address the systemic challenges you want to address;
  • Unique combination of perspectives by uniting the innovative and natural, technology and culture, and the indigenous and modern.

  • All our offerings are designed to be tailored to the specific needs, challenges and ambitions of our Customers.
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