We are helping women create smoke-free kitchens in Cameroon and abroad.

The objective of this project is to present and disseminate a handmade, ecological construction alternative to the local community of the Rocket Stove models and other cooking appliances models, made out of locally-available materials, and with unique design and art appliances that can be used in vulnerable, remote and rural communities, as well as ecovillages and camping sites.

In rural areas of Africa, the vast majority of the population (in Cameroon, 98%) uses solid fuel (firewood/coal) for cooking. Culinary culture involves large, heavy, melted pots containing food for several people for a day. Until now, the most common way to provide enough heat for these pans is a three-stone fire pit. This not only uses large amounts of firewood, but also causes smoke pollution in the kitchens, which in turn causes health problems for users, particularly women.

We believe that women can take charge of changing their kitchens by learning to build their own “rocket stoves.”

An adapted design, using simple materials and a quick, hands-on course can allow a group of women to build stoves together.

We are now co-creating it in the Global North

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