African Way – Association for Cooperation and Sustainable Development is a non-governmental organization, non-profit, based in Portugal, which aims to share African regenerative culture with the world and co-create economically just, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible solutions to face the global challenges of the planet and humanity.

African Way is a cooperation and sustainable development concept using indigenous and modern knowledge to research into the social upheaval in the world caused by social inequality, in which the poor are falling behind and being battered by climate change, and proposing adequate solutions.

It is a hands-on regenerative education platform designed to ensure equitable education for young people and women and to promote lifelong learning for all. A breakthrough platform for South-North partnerships empowering social and economic innovation through green skills capacity building to address poverty eradication and food security issues.

The African Way Association is made up of focused groups of youth and women leaders working to unlock the power of community through transformative social entrepreneurship initiatives while measuring progress against the existential threat of climate change.

African Way_ Ecovision 2030


We aim for a better and sustainable world for present and future generations, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Agendas and the transition to a regenerative global future.


Our mission is to share African regenerative culture with the world and co-create economically just, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible solutions to face global challenges, through the implementation of programs and projects for cooperation and sustainable development.


We believe that linking African wisdom to the rest of the world through effective partnerships, inclusive collaboration and dialogue will lead to better sustainable development practices and, therefore, practical and tangible results. This belief is manifested practically through providing simple tools of African Permaculture, community building, and hands-on ecovillage design solutions, indigenous knowledge and training of trainers for youth and women leaders who support collaboration amongst South-North organizations, projects, networks and change makers in international sustainable development. Therefore:
  • We believe in the potential, willpower and entrepreneurial spirit of young people and women;
  • We believe that the answer to food insecurity lies in sustainable and organic agriculture;
  • We believe that together we can build a better world.

  • Inclusion and coherence
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Imagination, creativity and Innovation
  • Respect for people, communities and cultures
  • Collaboration and shared leadership
  • Abundance and fairness
  • Learning through exchange and reciprocity
  • Self Awareness and self care
  • Gratitude, appreciation and celebration
  • Transparency, accountability, commitment and solidarity
  • Tangible, lasting results

  • To promote cooperation partnerships for sustainable development, within the scope of a green and inclusive economy, based on sharing, circular economy, equity, collaboration, solidarity, resilience, equal opportunity, and interdependence;
  • To inspire and support a new generation of change agents (youth and women), through linking and partnerships, intercultural exchange, networking, and advocacy practices, with diverse communities, non-profit organizations, universities, companies, and governments;
  • To promote peace and social justice through humanitarian assistance that alleviates the lives of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons;
  • To promote the socio-professional engagement of young people in regenerative agriculture and food systems;
  • To disseminate knowledge and promote ancestral teachings of African wisdom to the modern world;
  • To provide consulting and training services on sustainable development aimed at governments, companies, community development organizations, leveraging African knowledge in building communities, solidarity responses and social innovation in the global system.

  • Develop cooperation instruments, design and implement projects, programs and initiatives, at a local, regional, national and transnational level, especially in the following areas and themes: climate action, regenerative agriculture, craftwork, fair trade, intentional community, community development, rural development, ecotourism, green and inclusive economy, regenerative education, social entrepreneurship, gender equality, social innovation, cultural exchange, migration, environmental protection, social and professional reintegration and food sustainability;
  • Design, implement, manage, and support sustainable permaculture projects and ecovillage design initiatives anywhere in the world;
  • Design, implement and manage projects to support migrants, refugees, and displaced persons;
  • Design, implement and manage professional training, formal and informal, as well as seminars, conferences, and lectures, in the context of education for sustainable development and life-long learning;
  • Manage incubation centres for socially responsible and ecologically sustainable companies;
  • Build an online learning platform for a more connected community, including social entrepreneurs from civil society and private sector actors;
  • Collaborate and participate in scientific research projects within the scope of sustainability and social responsibility;
  • To obtain financing, manage, coordinate, supervise, disseminate, and carry out an impact analysis of the initiatives and projects.

    African Way _ Organizational Chart
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