Building social value through Humanitarian Aid

With the Humanitarian Aid Program, we help families play an integral role in their food,education and healthcare journeys.

The main objective of this program is to create a platform of social humanitarian action that will provide extremely vulnerable communities, such as refugees, with empowering social, professional and business tools which enable them to increase their living conditions, start their own small businesses and/or help their communities.
In addition, we also aim to:
  • To foster conditions to improve and promote the economic, social and political empowerment of women and youth to transform agriculture into a business and develop positive linkages across all the agricultural value chains including access to finance and technical know-how;
  • To formulate and formalize partnership agreements with the local and regional municipalities as a supporting program for communities’ transformation and individuals’ re-insertion into society.
  • There is a power imbalance in our global food, education and healthcare system where those who care most for their family members are left out of humanitarian assistance and healing. Families often leave humanitarian services in the hands of anxious volunteers who often lack facilities, confused, and ill-equipped to care for vulnerable victims of war and other crisis, leading to preventable complications, and in some cases, death.

    African Way Humanitarian Aid development is based on our charitable Africa Solidarity core values that focus on emergency relief services, economic development, disaster management and civil society initiatives to unleash the potential of women and young people who can win against impossible odds, to alleviate poverty, suffering and oppression by helping them build secure, productive, and just communities.

    We are open to work with donors who want to reinvent humanitarian aid in a way that ends on a positive note for causes they really care about: children, women and the youth.

    African Way Humanitarian Aid Program includes Food, Education and Health Assistance

    We believe no human being should have to suffer because of preventable conditions. By placing victims and their families at the center of our service and care journey, we believe that they can radically transform outcomes. We collaborate with international systems and other nonprofits in implementing a Care Companion Program to provide non-formal education and training in high-impact Plant medical skills, organic food as medicine positioning family members as the cornerstone of recovery in facilities and at home.

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