The Eco Camp African Way is open to anyone who wants to improve their communities and themselves through hands-on regenerative education, focused on the principles of Permaculture, reflections on transforming youth exchange, appropriate technology in landscape regeneration and community love.




This is a unique example of a South North Partnership and activity agreement co-created based on the heritage of partner Better World Cameroon (BWC) who has been organizing international work camps and useful holiday programs since 2011.

The International Summer Work Camp is program that was designed by BWC with the aim of bringing together youth from different parts of the world to promote solidarity and foster knowledge and cultural exchange. The International Summer Work Camp is an annual event and has amongst its components issues related to organic agriculture, environmental awareness, capacity building, knowledge exchange, innovation and creativity.

Under this program, BWC has successfully organized eight summer work camps over the years, with the participation of over one hundred youth from Cameroon and other countries like Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, USA and Canada. This is an occasion for youth from around the world to share, learn, and cultivate peace and tolerance at a global level.

African Way is committed to carrying out its camps based on the experience of the international “Together for a better world” work camps that have taken place in the past.

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