• Develop cooperation instruments, design and implement projects, programs and initiatives, at a local, regional, national and transnational level, especially in the following areas and themes: climate action, regenerative agriculture, craftwork, fair trade, intentional community, community development, rural development, ecotourism, green and inclusive economy, regenerative education, social entrepreneurship, gender equality, social innovation, cultural exchange, migration, environmental protection, social and professional reintegration and food sustainability;
  • Design, implement, manage, and support sustainable permaculture projects and ecovillage design initiatives anywhere in the world;
  • Design, implement and manage projects to support migrants, refugees, and displaced persons;
  • Design, implement and manage professional training, formal and informal, as well as seminars, conferences, and lectures, in the context of education for sustainable development and life-long learning;
  • Manage incubation centres for socially responsible and ecologically sustainable companies;
  • Build an online learning platform for a more connected community, including social entrepreneurs from civil society and private sector actors;
  • Collaborate and participate in scientific research projects within the scope of sustainability and social responsibility;
  • To obtain financing, manage, coordinate, supervise, disseminate, and carry out an impact analysis of the initiatives and projects.
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